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EE to Offer Exclusive Titanium Grey Galaxy SIII 4G LTE with Jelly Bean 4.1

EE, the new name for Everything Everywhere, will be offering the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE in an exclusive colour later this year, the network has revealed.

Shortly after revealing the first seven 4G LTE devices to launch on its 4G network later this year, the newly rebranded network confirmed further exclusivities. It’s obvious that the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy SIII will be the flagship phone in the new range – until the iPhone 5 launches, we’re guessing – and so EE is offering it in an exclusive ‘Titanium Grey’ colour.

Pocket-Lint­ has been fortunate enough to get hands on time with the phone, and from what we can see the handset looks pretty similar to the black version Samsung posted to its Facebook page recently. The back still features that brushed finish, and an LTE logo sits in the middle to let everyone know you’re rocking the fastest phone in the country. The original Pebble Blue and Marble White colours will also be available, if Titanium Grey doesn’t do it for you.

What’s more, when the Galaxy SIII LTE goes on sale later this year, EE says it will be rocking the very latest version of Android right out of the box. That’s right; Jelly Bean 4.1 will be pre-installed on the new smartphone, according to specifications for the phone found in EE’s press pack.

In theory this could mean that the update to Jelly Bean for current S3 users isn’t far away, although with the 4G network itself pinned for a launch ‘before Christmas 2012’, the update could in theory be months away yet.

Asides from the Galaxy SIII LTE, there are four other 4G smartphones planned for launch on the EE 4G network – read up on the new 4G devices right here.

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