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EE To Handle Phones4U iPhone 6 Orders

As you might have heard, Phones4U has been forced into administration by the combined skulduggery of EE and Carphone Warehouse, with both companies changing their contracts with each other and Vodafone, leaving Phones4U high and dry without a contract to their name.

Phones4U stores have been shut since last week.

Stores around the country have closed up for the time being, with the only indication to those not in the know being a quick printout stuck onto the inside of the door by some very disappointed staff members, whose jobs are currently in limbo since the closure.

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We haven’t heard, until now, if the iPhone 6 orders left with Phones4U will be handled, but according to EE all will be well for those of you waiting for Apple’s new device to be ready for pickup in stores when it gets out to the public tomorrow.

EE says that anyone who has official Phones4U preorder documentation which entitles them to one of the new iPhones will be able to drop by an EE store with their paperwork and pick yourself up a day one version.

But not if your pre order doesn’t come in…

EE promises that they will grab enough stock to fill all the orders of the phone they previously received when still in business with Phones4U. You will need to go with one of EE’s contract options as opposed to the contract negotiated with Phones4U, so the experience might not be the same as originally suggested by Phones4U.

The extra iPhone 6’s will be thinly spread around the carrier’s many stores, so you may not be able to grab yours from the first store you find. Hopefully with EE’s massive amount of locations you should be able to grab yours on the day.

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EE theoretically owes Phones4U big time, not in terms of hard cash but certainly from a moral standpoint. It’s a nice gesture from the network, but it certainly won’t be much consolation for those who were about to get anything except an iPhone 6 from the now defunct Phones4U.

Go see if you can get your iPhone 6 pre order sorted out with EE tomorrow, bring down some proof of identification and printed versions of any email correspondence or paperwork you’ve received from Phones4U when you get there.

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