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Don’t Flip Out – Motorola is Relaunching the RAZR!

The Motorola RAZR was an early noughties must-have. After its release in 2004, the lord of flip phones sold in excess of 100 million units worldwide. Now the phone is rumoured to be making a comeback.

The Motorola mobile brand, under the guidance of new owner Lenovo, suggests a new RAZR handset will arrive next month after a teaser video was posted to YouTube with a caption “Flip back to the RAZR days of yesteryear and get ready for the future”.

Included was also a hyperlink to Motorola’s website, which allows potential buyers to sign up for updates on upcoming Motorola devices that are due to launch in the next month. The video concludes with a date for the Lenovo Tech World 2016 event – Thursday, June 9th.

Could the timing of the teaser for the Motorola RAZR, which is ahead of Lenovo’s event – hint that the iconic flip phone is making a comeback to the smart phone market?

Don’t write it off – Motorola rivals Samsung and LG still possess an array of flip phones in their portfolio in South East Asia and the gadgets still remain to be massive in Japan.

It’s thought that the new phone will run Android and intends to make the iPhone look obsolete in comparison. Apart from that, there is no specification information to support this bold statement or any information about the new model of the well-known, and once such beloved of flip phones.

Will you be ditching your Apple mobile to return to the flip phone craze? Does Motorola really have the RAZR’s edge over the iPhone? Watch this space for more information on the next RAZR or register your e-mail address now on the Motorola website.

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