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Disney Resorts to Banish Selfie Sticks

You know the selfie stick craze is taking the Mickey when even the fun-loving Walt Disney Company says it’s banning the cringe-worthy camera gimmick from all of its worldwide theme parks.

That’s right – you’ll no longer be able to whip out the wand during your visit to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World Florida or parade the phone peripheral at the princess promenade at Disneyland Paris as of tomorrow when the selfie stick is thankfully no longer welcome.

The banishment of the tastelessly offensive accessory is part of Disney’s review of its ‘Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency’ – otherwise known as its ‘Four Keys’. This is a policy that ensures all visitors to the popular and busy tourist resorts have a safe and fun time, without the risk of being bashed about the head with an iPhone affixed to a telescopic metal rod. Imagine that dropping 56 meters onto your bonce from the top of Space Mountain – actually, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Security will be vigilant on selfie sticks and if sighted, rides and rollercoasters will be stopped and guests ejected from the park (not from their seats, but there’s an idea.)

Disney’s new law comes into play tomorrow at all the American sites and will continue to purge selfie sticks across the world from July the 1st.

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