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HTC Desire HD gets Beats Audio

HTC’s recent purchase of a large chunk of Beats Audio gave a clear indication of their intentions – lets get this on our smartphones!

With recent discoveries over the last couple of days, HTC are gearing up to release the HTC Runnymede and Sensation XE boasting Beats Audio technology, some would think that this is an advance over previous HTC handsets, well maybe not! The new handsets may come with an upgraded speaker set but Beats Audio is a piece of software, a piece of software that can be loaded onto other smartphones like the HTC Desire HD.

So guess what, as with most software it will run on other devices and with the recent port of the Runnymede ROM running on the Desire HD, we welcome with it working Beats Audio!

You can get all the info on how to get Beats Audio onto a Desire HD from the thread here, but remember that this is a try if you dare operation, if you have the guts to try this we would like to know how it goes.

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