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CyanongenMod 7 For Amazon Kindle Fire Released

If you happen to own an Amazon Kindle Fire, you may be interesting in knowing that the on-going CyanogenMod 7 release for the tablet has been updated.

Now, if you’re not that familiar with CyanogenMod 7; it is a custom version of Android based on the Gingerbread 2.3, and offers a more common Android experience than what you’d get with the stock firmware that is supplied with the Kindle Fire.

The first version of the custom version was released last week by developer JackpotClavin. Unfortunately though, there was a problem – the audio wasn’t working.

Since releasing the custom ROM last week, JackpotClavin has decided to focus on porting the CyanogenMod 9 to the Kindle Fire instead – which is actually based on the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

However, another developer named Whistlestop has picked up from where JackpotClavin left off and has now released a new update. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the main feature of this latest update is that audio is now working!

It would seem that there are still a few bugs present in this latest release which needs to be ironed out, and also Whistlestop has said that the next focus is working out how to enable support for Bluetooth as well – expect sometime soon hopefully.

If you’ve previously installed JackpotCalvin’s version of CM7, you’ll be pleased to know that applying the latest update is a doddle. Simply download the update.zip file which you can find in his forum post and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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