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Cyanogen Mod Promise CM9 To All 60 Supported Devices In The Next Two Months

With the Android Ice Cream Sandwich source code now out, we are all playing a waiting game till we get a first taste of that ice creamy goodness.

The Cyanogen Team have promised that they will try to bring ICS to the 60 devices that they support. That is a tall order even for a team even as experienced as Cyanogen.

To get CM9 ready for 60 devices it is going to be a round the clock effort. But I cannot wait!! Samsung are planning on releasing the update to their flagship handset the Galaxy S 2 in Q2 2012 for me that is just too far away, if Cyanoge gan update 60 handsets in a quarter of that time why does it take the manufacturors so long to update their devices.

Not only are Cyanogen working on bringing ICS to our beloved devices, MIUI are looking at what a ICS version of their own ASOP rom would be like. So in truth the flagship handsets will likely be the first to receive the ports as thy will be the more popular devices, so hopefully ill be running ICS on my Galaxy S 2 shortly.

You can keep an eye on the Cyanogen forums here, giving you an idea of the progress that is taking place, but don’t forget XDA-developers has the Largest amount of developers in one place and there will be individuals working on the same thing over there.

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