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Cryptex USB flash drive inspired by “Da Vinci Code” devices

Forget locking up your data through your laptop. We really don’t think there’s a better way to encrypt your secret files than with an actual encryption coded USB gadget – Bringing the Da Vinci Code to life in the 21st Century!

A Russian chap who goes by the name of “Tarator” has based his one-of-a-kind steampunk-inspired beauty around your standard flash drive. He’s designed the intricate five wheeled combination lock and individual components reflecting the Cryptex devices referred to in Dan Brown’s epic novel. The designs were done in AutoCAD before being laser-cut and cast in brass, giving the impression this could well be an ancient relic from five centuries ago.

Sadly this isn’t a gadget that’s up for grabs to us – just yet. We at The Gadget Helpline think this will grab a lot of attention from the tech-buying public and should be a best-seller if it hits the storage and USB device market. Another mystery to be solved will be the price we’d pay for hiding our secrets within!

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Source: Steampunker.ru

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