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Cloudy Hot Tub Water – What you need to give you Crystal Clear Water

“Why is my hot tub water cloudy!”

If this is something you are repeatedly asking yourself, and are frustrated by the water going cloudy in your hot tub, then we might have a solution for you.

In some cases the water has been recently changed as have the filters, but still cloudy water. After much experimentation with Chlorine and various clarity tonics it really just mostly comes down to the PH value of the water. Also known as the ‘balance’ of the water. If the PH is wrong I have noticed the Chlorine will not work. So a simple PH tester kit is a must and the PH should be between 7.2 and 7.6 in value.

Bacteria can also accumulate with heavy use in the tub and I have counteracted this with two tablespoons of Chlorine or non Chlorine shock powder (a form of water treatment) and then running the pumps for 15 minutes with the cover OPEN. Since doing this we have noticed a change by as soon as the following day, but only if our PH balance is correct.

If we have had many people in the tub we also use a clarifier to bind any solids left in the water after use. This solution holds the particles together and enables the filter to do its work.

So PH balance seems critical, Bacteria control by shocking and a clarifier to bind solids seems the way to go.

These three in conjunction should help keep that water crystal clear, but just remember that after four months of use these no longer are effective its time to drain the tub!


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