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Classic Sonic CD blasting onto Xbox LIVE

Hedgehog’s Back.

In a recently revealed list of new games headed to show at PAX next week revealed by Xbox promoter Major Nelson we found several cool titles about to hit the Xbox, such as Gears 3 and Forza 4, which admittedly we already knew something about.

What we didn’t know about, which also turned out to be the most interesting however, happened to be towards the end of the list, a re-release of the oft-missed title in the Sonic series, Sonic CD.

This lost entry in the franchise brings Sonic and pals to Little Planet, which has been covered in metal by Doctor Robotnik. As usual, Sonic must do his thang to get things un-terrible, and along the way he meets an incredibly diverse cast of characters, including the evil Metal Sonic and the slightly less evil Amy Rose.

Now this gem is about to hit the XBL Arcade, so stay tuned for PAX deets and a hopeful release date.

Sonic boom, Sonic boom!

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