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Classic Nokia 3310 Thrown at Police by Protester in Jakarta Fuel Riots!

Nokia has surfaced in the news once again but before you get excited for a new Lumia or the official announcement of the Pureview Windows Phone (which we referred to yesterday) – this noteworthy appearance by Nokia hardware is a pretty random one!

Peaceful protests in Jakarta over the rise in fuel costs have recently turned to violence, with a charge led by the National Student Consolidation of Indonesia – or Konami  (not the games company).  It’s truly a messy sight and anything and everything is being used as a weapon. And those weapons even include some Nokia gadgetry we’ve not seen for a very long time!

Spotted in the hand of one protestor during the riots in the Indonesian capital, about to be launched at police, is a vintage Nokia 3310 from 2000. You may remember the gadget as one of the earliest Nokia handsets to become popular – a no frills piece of clunky plastic hardware which featured 84 x 48 pure monochrome display, ear-shredding monophonic ringtones as well as a selection of mind-numbing games such as Snake II.

If you’re wondering how or why the Nokia 3310 was chosen at an instrument of destruction you’ve clearly never been hit in the head by one – and the gadget was also referred to back in the day as the “indestructible Nokia”!

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