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CE-Oh no he didn’t! Steve Ballmer says Android is “uncontrolled”, iOS is “too controlling”

CEOs of big tech companies never shy away from saying what they think about their competitors, and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is notorious for giving rivals Apple a good bashing.

In a recent interview with Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, Ballmer spoke his mind on iOS and Android, the main rivals to his company’s newly launched Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft prides itself on the security aspect of Windows Phone, and naturally Steve decided to bash Android for its ongoing malware issues.

Speaking of Google’s mobile OS, Ballmer said that it was “wild”, “uncontrolled” and “susceptible to malware”. The OS is more secure than it’s ever been right now with the latest version, 4.2 Jelly Bean, although unfortunately older versions have been susceptible to security issues in the past. The key issue is apps that contain harmful malware that can take a grip on your phone or tablet – something which Google is trying hard to prevent.

On the other end of the scale, Ballmer says that Apple’s iOS software is “high priced” and “highly controlled”. This opinion is shared by many, although that group tends to prefer Android and even BlackBerry devices. It’s clear that Microsoft hopes to be the middle ground between iOS and Android, although it’s got a long way to go to catch up with the two systems Ballmer berates.

Recent studies by analyst firm Gartner even suggest that Samsung’s little-known OS Bada has been outselling Microsoft’s Windows Phone in the last quarter, which goes to show how far Microsoft has to go before it reaches the top 3 smartphone platforms.

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