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The best cases for your new iPhone 5

So you set your alarm early, you got up and you pre-ordered your new iPhone 5 at precisely 8:00am, but now what? Everybody knows that carrying around a £500+ smartphone without a case of some sort is lunacy. Sheer lunacy.

The phone isn’t even out yet, but case and accessory makers have been working on a range of products to compliment your shiny new gadget for months – heck, that’s usually the reason we find out what the next iPhone looks like before Apple tells us! We’ve scoured the web to find the best cases out there right now, and here they are.

Cygnett UrbanShield Carbon – £19.95

This carbon finish case slips on to protect the back of the iPhone 5 entirely, with rubberised corners to absorb any impact should you – heaven forbid – drop your phone. The edges are neatly bevelled to mirror the iPhone 5’s design, so your sleek and slim phone doesn’t become a chunky lump of rubber with the addition of a case. You’ll also get a screen protector to prevent the 4-inch display from smudges and scratches.

Otterbox Commuter – £29.95

We’ve been long-time fans of Otterbox’s cases and feel they offer an excellent degree of protection while still looking pretty stylish. The Commuter is a little chunkier than other cases out there, but it’s tough construction contains rubber to absorb bumps and knocks, as well as silicon plugs to prevent dust, dirt and water getting in the dock and headphone sockets. These come in plenty of colours too to suit your style.

Gear4 IceBox – £15.95

This case has been designed with the show-off in mind. It’s effectively the Apple Bumper for the iPhone 4S and 4 but with a clear cover to protect the back of the phone as well. It simply snaps onto the phone to provide protection for the back and sides, while leaving all ports and buttons fully accessible and the phone itself clearly visible for all to see.

Case-Mate Barely There – £15.95

With our smartphones getting thinner and lighter all the time, it’s annoying to take away the smart design and incredible thinness of our phones by slapping a chunky case on. We’re big fans of Case-Mates Barely There cases for all sorts of phones, and they’ve already done one for the iPhone 5. It’s available in an extensive range of colours, and simply snaps on to the phone to protect the back and sides while leaving all buttons and ports available.

iLuv Diary – ~£30

If you want something a bit more than just a case, and with a little more style, the Diary case from iLuv seems a good bet. Your iPhone clips in to a sturdy shell inside, with a leather front cover that flips over to protect the front. Open up the cover and you’ve got 2 slots on the inside for credit cards too, so in some cases you’ll just need to take your iPhone out and leave your wallet at home.

Have you found a better case for the iPhone 5? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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