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First Cases for Apple iPad 5 Suggest Thinner Profile

Based on the dimensions of a range of new Apple device cases from Minisuit, we may have an idea of the proportions of the next iPad, the fifth generation model in the popular line-up of tablets from the fruit-based brand.

The report was published by news source 9to5Mac and features a selection of photos showing a first wave of new cases for the upcoming iPad 5, with comparison shots revealing a slight redesign in the depth of the new gadget when put alongside cases for the current iPad 4 and iPad Mini.

As you’ll see from the snaps, the iPad 5 will likely appear at a similar scale in overall width and height as the current fourth generation of the full sized 9.7-inch tablet (perhaps a little shorter) and features a narrower profile closer to the size of the smaller 7.9-inch iPad.

These images match up with the back cover parts we saw for the next iPad that were leaked in late January and which reveal the tablet will be thinner and 4G LTE capable. If tech history repeats itself we’re looking at an October launch for the iPad 5 and we’ll be following this story up to and beyond the event.

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