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Call of Duty Black Ops II: Official Title & Release Date Leaked by U.S Retailer

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Just days before the official title and release date for the next Call of Duty game was set to be announced the secret has been leaked by a U.S retailer who has snapped a image of the reservation card which will guarantee pre-order buyers their copy of the much-anticipated title when it eventually goes on sale in stores.
That date? – you ask.. The photo from a Target store reveals that the Stateside release date will be 11.13.12 (13th of November, in British date telling) and confirms the title of the next Call of Duty game to be Black Ops II – as expected. The picture also confirms that both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will once again both be engaging in combat in the upcoming release, which has been suggested to be set in a near future setting with some interesting flying weaponry appearing on video linked to the games official website, earlier this week.
The release date and title had been hyped for announcement on this coming Tuesday, May the 1st. But with this leak now surfaced and taken to the web, Activision should not be best pleased and we’d think Target will come under some heavy fire from the publisher for blowing this massive news. The U.S based leak does leave us wondering when we Brits will get to grip with the new Black Ops II game. If history repeats, this futuristic follow-up could have the same release worldwide just like the 2010 original Call of Duty spin-off.

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