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Budget Nokia Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 OS leaks online

Nokia’s latest budget smartphone appears to have had a blurry image and some of its specifications leaked online ahead of the handset’s release at the end of October.

The Nokia Lumia 510 is a Windows Phone OS smartphone but it’s the lowest in the company’s range, putting the device under the current leading Nokia budget phone the Lumia 610. The leaked information comes from GSMArena, who have put up a snapshot of the handset, and albeit a poor image, it does show the Nokia logo and control buttons.

Additionally, the reported specifications for the Lumia 510 include a larger 4-inch display with 4GB of internal memory, an 800MHz Qualcomm Scorpion CPU and 256MB of RAM. The phone will also sport a decent 5-megapixel camera.

So whilst the phone is supposed to be a super budget affair, the features are decent enough to run apps and features of other models in the Lumia range of phones, especially as the handset is reportedly to be priced $150 SIM-free.

However, the handset will not run the new Windows Phone 8 OS; instead it will run off the updated version of the Windows Phone 7.8 software that will be coming to older Nokia Lumia smartphones from last year (Lumia 900/800/710/610) which will have a few of the new Windows Phone 8 features mixed in with Windows Phone 7.5.

Nokia has found success in the past with their budget handsets so whilst the Lumia 510 might not light up the UK phone scene it will be successful in other countries. The phone is expected to arrive first in China before wider global distribution, sometime around the end of October.

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