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Budget Nokia Lumia 510 to come with Windows Phone 7.8 out of the box


With Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.8 update currently starting its long roll out on older 1st gen WP smartphones, news is coming in that the soon to be released budget Lumia 510 handset is set to have the update on release.

The Lumia 510 is a low-end smartphone which is set to be released in India and other emerging markets. It was originally billed as having the older version of the Windows Phone – 7.5 OS (normally referred to as Mango) – pre-installed, but it is now looking set to come straight up to speed with the latest 7.8 operating system.

What this means is that the budget phone will get a host of features that are currently only available in the newest Windows Phone operating system, WP8, without users having to upgrade when they buy the phone.

This adds another great selling point to the budget smartphone, to join the Lumia 510’s 4-inch (480 x 800) screen, a 5-megapixel camera at the back, a 800MHz Qualcomm processor with 256MB RAM and 4GB of non-expandable storage.

With the Lumia 510 falling in between Nokia’s super budget Asha range of phones and the Lumia 610 smartphone you get a lot of features for the small price, and a fully-fledged smartphone to boot.

With Nokia previously having great success in emerging phone markets, the company is keen to keep a grip on the budget ranges that garner it plenty of sales.

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