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BlackBerry Curve 9320 is the First to Feature a Dedicated BBM Button

It wasn’t too long ago when we first met a new member of the BlackBerry Curve family: the Curve 9320.

Although it’s not yet on the market, we heard plenty about the new Berry to whet our appetites. It’s designed to be an affordable entry-level option for BlackBerry fans, combining a 2.44-inch LCD screen with the popular QWERTY keyboard. However, new pictures of the phone have emerged, showing that it has a dedicated button for BBM.

Along the left edge of the phone is a small raised button, labelled ‘BBM’. We’re now told that the Curve 9320 is going to be the first BlackBerry to feature a dedicated button. Simply give it a press and you’ll be launched into RIM’s hugely popular BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, application.

Taking a look back at our original post on the phone, there is a clearly visible button on the left of the phone in the press image. We’re unable to see the BBM tag that sits next to the button of course, but there was a hint there all along, nevertheless.

While you’ll get a first for BlackBerry with the Curve 9320, you won’t get any of the more attractive design aspects or hardware from the pricier Torch and Bold ranges. Make no mistake, this is a no-frills smartphone, but it offers a cheap way of getting a smartphone with access to the excellent BBM instant messenger and social networking features.

The Curve 9320 is expected to launch in the coming weeks, although no exact date has been announced for any markets yet.

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