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Black Ops 2 Teasers Begin With an Armed and Dangerous Quadricopter

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Activision’s viral marketing campaign for the next Call of Duty title has well and truly launched, with the first teaser pointing towards some awesome remote-controlled gadgetry being in the new shoot-em-up.

Earlier this week callofduty.com changed to show a countdown timer, telling us that the world reveal for the new Call of Duty game would take place on May 1st during the NBA playoffs. Gadget Helpline then pointed out that the page contained several hidden boxes, some of which said they would be unlocked on a certain date.

One box was due to unlock today and featured a fuzzy picture that we couldn’t quite figure out. It turns out the image was of a quadricopter, but not your average model such as the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, oh no. This quadricopter, or quadrotor, is equipped with a machine gun on the bottom.

The box links to a video on YouTube by FPSRussia, with world-renowned CoD gamer Tacitus showing off the deadly copter. Using what looks to be a ruggedized tablet he flies it around before blasting some dummies with a machine gun which is attached to the belly of the quadricopter.

Many are calling the video a fake, some think it’s real. Either way we have a strong feeling that this beauty will replace the RC-XD as a remote-controllable toy of destruction in the next CoD game.

The video signs off with a message: “a big thank you to the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring this video.” A second square on callofduty.com has now lit up, showing a fuzzy word: Tacitus. You’ll remember the name and font as it’s emblazoned across the guy in the video’s t-shirt. Perhaps Activision will be using the famous gamer to tease us with new weapons and details from the upcoming game.

It’s going to be undeniably awesome to fly one of these into a house full of unsuspecting enemies and blast them away!

More clues will appear over the next few days, so stay tuned here for the latest. Now, repeat after us: “We so, we so excited”.

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