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Bizarre real-life Windows pops up online in new photo

With so much Windows 8 news – you’d think we’d be seeing Windows everywhere. In fact, this truly bizarre sight currently circulating the web suggests we aren’t the only ones!

Scooped by LikeCool.com earlier this week, a photo was posted showing the perfect view for desktop junkies who need to get out more. It’s an actual window – in a Window!

Ironically titled “Outside World – Real Life 2.0” – the frame suggests there is life away from your gadgets (we’re apprehensive to believe such tripe!) Clearly designed to look just like the ones used in Microsoft’s operating system you’d think you’d stepped into Steve Ballmer’s version of The Matrix!

The operating environment known as Microsoft Windows appeared in 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS after growing interest was expressed in a graphical user interface. Windows has evolved in its 25 years but those familiar frames have been consistant and become world recognised.

Now for the first time, Microsoft’s operating system may change all that by becoming more in tune with the growing tablet market, employing new style web-apps. The company suggests the name “Windows 8” may be dropped and along with the software itself, may be replaced for something refreshed and reinvigorated.

That little red close button may be clicked for the final time in 2012 when the next Microsoft OS finally surfaces. But don’t try clicking the button on this window. It’s not real – but would that stop us trying? Probably not!

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Image: LikeCool.com

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