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Bethesda: We’re not developing games for the Wii U

Nintendo has been struck by yet another blow, with big name games developer Bethesda recently stating that none of its games currently in development will be coming to the Wii U.

Speaking to Joystiq at QuakeCon recently, the Skyrim developer said that Ninty’s family-friendly console wasn’t on its short-term radar. VP of PR, Peter Hines said “None of the games we’ve announced are being developed for the Wii U, so it’s guaranteed that none of those games are coming to Wii U,” when speaking to the site.

The studio currently has a number of anticipated titles in the works, including Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within and The Elder Scrolls Online. With the studio’s latest blockbuster title Skyrim skipping over the Wii U as well, the future isn’t looking good for anyone hoping to pick up a title from Bethesda on the console in the future.

When probed about releases further down the line, Peter Hines said, “Will any future ones come out? I can’t say for sure, in our near-term focus it’s not on our radar.”

So it looks as though we won’t be seeing any Elder Scrolls or Wolfenstein titles on Wii U in the next year or two, by which time the console will be approaching 2 or 3 years old and with the Xbox One and PS4 then out and established, we can see Ninty dropping yet further from favour.

Bethesda joins EA in snubbing the Wii U, with the latter recently shocking by holding back popular sports titles such as FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25, citing poor sales and demand as the reasons.

As for the Wii U itself, sales still look to be slow. UK supermarket chain Asda recently pulled the console from sale after dropping the price by £50 twice and still not seeing any improvement.

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