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Beeb set to drop full HD telly service – But keeping BBC Two HD?

BBC looks set to pull it’s HD programming from service during much-needed upcoming cutbacks, which will involve loses of thousands of jobs as well as downsizing of London location and potentially dropping the ‘red button’ feature. 

The Beeb is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, but instead of pushing it’s full channel package, BBC Three and Four will now return to ‘supporting roles’ as BBC One and Two take centre stage once again – with the secondary service becoming the only broadcaster’s only high-definition programming platform.

The BBC was applauded by viewers and critics alike when it delivered stunning television like Planet Earth and this year’s Wimbledon in high-quality clarity. Other shows which benefit from the HD service are Doctor Who and Top Gear and it was looking promising, but an increasing need for cutbacks means that the Beeb aim to regain 700-million within the next six years.

Cutting back on distribution of the top shows on channels Three and Four means more focus on the core channels and particularly BBC Two which will take on the HD. But there is chance for change, as the Chairman of the BBC Trust has addressed.

Lord Patten spoke of the need for these actions: “The Trust’s view has been clear from the start of this process – the BBC must look to run itself as efficiently as possible before we consider cutting services.”

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