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Beats by Dre Headphones See 116% Rise Since London 2012 Olympic Games

It would seem that Beats headphones by Dr Dre will be another winner of the London 2012 Games, as its supposed guerrilla marketing method of having some of the biggest names of the games sporting the headphones for their entrances and cutaway shots before competing has proved extremely successful.

This is all despite the fact that Panasonic are the official sponsors of the games, which means that the athletes were quickly shut down and they were no longer permitted to wear Mr Dre’s headphones.

But it would seem the damage was already done as Beats by Dre have seen a huge spike in sales in the past few weeks, with John Lewis stores stating that they have seen a huge spike of 116% increase in sales of the headphones in store.

Athletes such as double gold medallist Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and many others have all been seen sporting the headphones before hitting their respective sports, until Panasonic stepped in and banned all non-Panasonic headphones from being used.

However, Panasonic shouldn’t be too bothered as the number of sports headphones sold is in general has gone up by 42% and general sales are up 19%.

Additionally Beats by Dre have suffered a raft of fake products flooding the market, so many customers are being duped by fakers into buying low quality goods.

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