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Blackberry Messenger (BBM) now combines Music and Social

Following this week’s update from RIM, bringing Blackberry Messenger (BBM) up to version 6.0.1 with integrated app sharing, the popular social service now tunes up once more – this time with a new Music feature.

BBM Music was launched yesterday in the RIM’s home nation of Canada as well as the United States and Australia (UK and Europe to follow) with the service costing nothing for the first 2 months and then $4.99 thereafter – with 30-second track previews available for free prior to purchase. It functions much in tradition of existing services such as iTunes (of course). However, RIM’s intention is that the addition of a music element to the already busy social and chat hub would create a track sharing network, and by choosing only 50 songs to start with networking with pals will be the key to obtaining a rich library of songs. The more friends you communicate with via the BBM the more music you gain. Friends activity will be viewed in an updates section revealing who shared what song and when someone adds something to their library.

It does sound like a bit like hard work if you don’t see the fun in the social aspect, then again if you don’t you probably don’t care too much for BBM. Also worth bearing in mind is that easier alternatives like Spotify are available, with music on tap at any time. Here’s a good idea by RIM but could be a hard tune to sing to. We’ll be listening out for more..

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