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BBC iPlayer Update Allows You to Download Shows for Offline Viewing

The BBC has announced an update to its iPlayer service which will bring joy to those who use it religiously on mobile devices.

Shows will now offer a new download option, which will give users the chance to effectively save their favourite telly for watching when they don’t have an internet connection. For those with Wi-Fi-only tablets or smartphones without a data plan, the update will mean the ability to truly watch TV wherever you are.

Once a show has been downloaded it will remain on your device for 30 days before being removed, meaning that you can use a Wi-Fi connection at home to effectively load up your device with plenty of telly before setting off on a journey.

As with many pay-per-view movie services such as Netflix and LoveFilm however, there is a catch in that once you start watching a show you are given seven days to finish watching it. After the seven day period expires, the show will no longer be available to download for you, however you do get a full 30 day period to decide when is best to start watching.

At present, the feature is available only on iOS devices via the official iPlayer app which can be downloaded via the App Store. The BBC has confirmed that the feature will be catching up on Android devices very soon however, by means of an update from the Play Store.

Users can queue up shows to download when out and about, and when a device is eventually connected to Wi-Fi it will begin downloading your playlist of shows for offline viewing.

Those who already have the BBC iPlayer app installed on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will be prompted shortly to update it via the App Store, which will add the new download option.

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