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BBC iPlayer iOS App Gets Retina Display Upgrade for Apple iPad

Fans of the BBC who have Apple’s third iteration of the iPad will be pleased as the BBC have just announced a new update to the iPlayer iPad app, which will bring Retina Display quality.

The BBC iPlayer app version 1.3.2’s main feature will be the updated graphics capabilities, which will unfortunately not allow Retina Display-quality content to be streamed in HD format, but will feature a bright, crisp and sharp user interface to match the impressive display.

The BBC also says that the changes don’t come at the expense of the speed or the streaming of content, as they claim the video performance will be improved, stating; “You asked for better playback so we’ve improved the video performance,”

Additionally, voiceover controls have been expanded on so you can control the device through the voiceover options.

Finally, the BBC has stated that they have had a “general tidying” around the app and have put many solid fixes in place for bugs.

The BBC iPlayer app has had possibly its biggest fortnight ever with the London 2012 Games seeing millions flocking to watch live and catch up on all of the Olympic coverage.

The BBC has said that a staggering 106 million online video requests were made during the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the official BBC iPlayer app for iOS and Android was downloaded 1.9 million times over the 16 days.

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