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BBC to Bring Live Rewind Function to iPlayer Digital Service

BBC has announced a new function to its live digital television service. Soon not only will you be able to catch-up with the best of the past seven days and check out some classic series with iPlayer but you’ll also be able to rewind live telly to view the bits you might have missed.

This is a handy feature (which arrive a little late for the Euro 2012 coverage) will fill that annoying void between a show airing and a show being added to the iPlayer playlist, which to be fair can only be an hour or two in some instances but the Beeb aim to eliminate that gap with live buffering and instant rewind available at any time during a show that’s on screen right there and then. Again thinking of football and upcoming sporting events (London 2012 Olympics) consider this as your own personal video replay, never again missing a crucial moment of the action!

And it’s this really cool replay feature won’t only be available on the BBC channel you’re watching. If you channel hop after watching QI on BBC2 for example and encounter its clashed with Family Guy on BBC3, you should be able to back track to the start of the episode and catch up with the Griffins from the very start of the show.

The scheme will roll out to TV license payers benefiting from BBC’s digital service in the near future and the Gadget Helpline will be following this story the keep our readers up to date!

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