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Barnes & Noble Nook eReader to launch in the UK This Autumn – Amazon Kindle competitor?

The Amazon Kindles number one competitor in the US, The Barnes & Noble Nook, is coming to the UK to do battle with the Kindle range of eReader’s on our shores.

Barnes & Noble announced today that it plans to bring its Nook devices and its own digital content to the UK later on this year in the autumn (which is nearly upon us). B&N will be bringing over a range of devices from the Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight to the UK and have stated that they will be available in stores across the UK during mid-October.

There is no word on what companies may sell the Nook range but we would have a bet on WH Smith and some supermarkets getting in on the eReader action with the Nook range.

Barnes & Noble CEO, William J. Lynch says: “We are proud to be able to offer our top-rated line of NOOK reading devices and our award-winning digital bookstore to the discerning and highly educated consumers in the UK.”

The company also announced that a UK version of the Nook Store will also be available in the autumn where users can download some of the 2.5 million digital titles with a UK books charts and lists.

Earlier in the year Barnes & Nobel found a considerable new partner in the form of Microsoft whio injected a whopping $300 million into the company back in April. There has been no news on what this partnership will bring as of yet but the expansion into the UK market could be the first step.

Depending on when the Nook range comes to the UK the company may find success with its backlit Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight reader as Amazon have yet to release a backlit device for low lighting conditions, but with a rumoured back-lit device on its way the Nook may be piped to the post very quickly.

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