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Barnes and Noble launches Nook Android Tablet

U.S. bookstore Barnes and Noble has announced the Nook Tablet, an Android-powered multimedia tablet-come-eReader aimed at taking on the Kindle Fire Tablet from Amazon.

Thanks to Barnes and Noble’s expertise in the book, magazine and publishing industry, those who plump for the Nook Tablet will get unrivalled access to millions of eBooks, magazines, newspapers and comic books.

Aside from the plethora of downloadable reading on tap, the Nook Tablet has a specifications list to beat Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet, despite being in the same price range. A Dual-Core processor clocked at 1GHz and 1GB of RAM should make things speedy, and the screen looks to be very impressive to boot.

The screen has been sourced from LG, so you know it’s going to be of a high standard, and it’s an IPS panel to boot, which means you’ll be able to tilt the tablet to all sorts of angles yet maintain a great quality image. The same screen technology is also used in the Apple iPad, to give you an idea of the screen quality you can expect.

That same screen is capable of displaying beautiful Full HD 1080p video content, which Barnes and Noble proudly announced can be played for 9 hours before you’ll need to recharge the battery.

The Nook Tablet will only be selling in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, though Americans will certainly have it good in terms of digital content available. Barnes and Noble have signed deals with Netflix and Hulu, giving users tons of video on demand. High quality movies and TV shows can be rented and streamed on the tablet through both services.

Onboard storage is capped at 16GB, though users will have the opportunity to expand that by a further 32GB on top by using a MicroSD card. B&N have also just launched a cloud-based service, so subscribers of that will get even more space for storing their digital goodies online.

Pre-orders for the Nook Tablet begin in the U.S. on November 17th, with the tablet costing just $249. We only wish we were based in the stateside so we could get our hands on this little beauty!

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