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Bada 2.0.1 OS screenshots leak

So it would appear that a new Bada update is on the horizon based on some leaked screenshots which have found their way onto the internet.

Bada fans may remember when Samsung demoed 2.0 at this year’s MWC in February, which to be honest looked pretty much the same as the old version, although based on these screenshots it would appear that Bada users will bet getting a new updated UI and version 2.0.1 instead.

Based on the leaked screenshots, the homescreen UI now only has two homescreen panes; the first is for widgets and the second for your regular shortcuts. The widget section is also scrollable for varied content. The screenshots also show the icons within the menu being smaller based on the fact that there are now four icons in a row instead of the previous three.

According to the folk over at GSMArena, they have been able to confirm from a Samsung rep that they are indeed genuine screenshots, although that was all the information they were able to obtain.

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