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New Back-lit Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader leaks online ahead of launch

Next week amazon is expected to take to the stage at its press event in the US to announce the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet device to the world on September the 6th but as well as the Fire 2 tablet many are also expecting a new and updated Kindle eReader standard edition.

Well today the Verge has managed to get hold of an image that nearly confirms that Amazon will be releasing a new Kindle which will follow on form last year’s Kindle touch device.

The leaked image show a more stylish Kindle device which is brander the Kindle Paperwhite, which in itself points the idea that the new device will have a backlit screen akin to the Barnes and Nobel Glowlight competitor device.

There appear to be no physical buttons on the devices front which also suggest that this is an update to the Kindle Touch from last year and will run the full touchscreen controls. The controls and ports at the bottom of the devices appear to be unchanged with a USB port and power button placed at the bottom of the Kindle Paperwhite.

On one of the leaked images the French text on the front which roughly translates as:

  • First screen Paperwhite
  • marked contrast
  • high resolution
  • integrated lighting
  • Eight Weeks of autonomy
  • (even with the screen enlightened)

The display also looks to have a clearer feel to it with eth higher resolution and it still has the E-Inkdisplay features like battery saving refresh rates . We also presume you’ll be able to turn off the backlight in order to read in sunlight and use the device in non-lowlight conditions.

We think the Paperwhite looks like a excellent next step for the Kindle range with a higher design principle and new up-to-date features, plus the long awaited backlight.

We will find out a whole lot more on the 6th September but we can also expect to get our hands on the device well in time for Christmas.

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