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New Backlit Amazon Kindle eReaders on the Way?

Rumours are rife at the moment regarding Amazon’s Kindle range of eReaders, with many signs pointing to a new range of Kindles coming to the world in the coming weeks.

Firstly, Amazon has started to thin out its range of devices by removing the Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi version of the device (released 2 years ago), and it appears to be discontinued in favour of the smaller keyboard-free Kindle and the latest touchscreen Kindle.

You can still get your hands on the keyboard Kindle, but only via third party sellers on Amazon, with no official route to sell the devices by Amazon.

Amazon have also been offering discounts to Visa rewards card customers over the past week with up to 40% off accessories and the base model Kindle which looks like the company are getting some space freed up for new devices.

Additionally, the Kindle Touch 3G is “currently unavailable” on the website, with the Wi-Fi Kindle Touch is facing a three to five day shipping delay, so it would seem all stock is low of even the current model.

What this could all mean is that Amazon is just running low on stock and clearing out some older hardware, or it could mean that they are close to receiving the latest Kindle update. Amazon have been pretty frequent with releasing a new model every year with updated features, and with last year’s touchscreen device thoughts are now turning towards the rumoured backlit version of the eReader.

This would be the next logical step in the Kindle range, especially seeing as Google have released the similarly priced Google Nexus 7 tablet, Apple has its backlit iPad, and even Barnes and Noble in the US have a backlit Nook reader.

This is all just speculation, but we for one think the Kindle range need a backlight to continue onwards.

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