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August’s iPhone 6 Smartlock On Sale Now

Apple’s iPhone 6 demo saw a quick snippet of a smartphone controlled door unlocking system which allowed the user to get quick access to their hotel room via swiping their iPhone up near the door. This was part of a sequence where the user automated their entire journey from home to hotel using the NFC systems on the phone.

Meanwhile, the technology behind the door locking part of the sequence, or at least a similar product, has been in the making for almost a year now. The August Smart Lock was announced back last year, and is finally on sale for customers for around $250.

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The lock attaches to the back of a door, controlling a deadbolt which obviously allows or denies access to the room within. The keyless entry system itself is controlled by an app on the user’s smartphone, with signals being transferred to the lock via Bluetooth LE.

The app also can add multiple locks and multiple home locations for locks into the app’s database. If someone you know trusts you with their lock permissions, you can even use your phone to unlock their front door too. Just make sure you let them know you’re coming first.

August’s whole Smartlock suite.

The device also has some other cool features. August has even included an additional security feature which locks up the deadbolt after it’s been left unlocked for a user defined period of time. Authorized users can also be given the permission for the lock to automatically unlock as they approach.

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As for the installation of the device, August has contacted and partnered up with 300 authorized installers in the US, but reports at the source link at TechCrunch point out that the lock may be a little more tricky to install and use than it seems.

The August Smart Lock goes on sale at Apple retail locations, such as your local Apple store, as well as on their website listed below. The $250 price tag may not be attractive to some, but the lock does represent another step on the way to full home automation.

Source: August

Via: TechCrunch

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