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Asda no longer selling Nintendo Wii U console or games in the UK

Asda has reportedly stopped stocking and subsequently selling the Nintendo Wii U console in the UK after months of price drops and poor sales. Asda (who is owned by US retail giant Walmart) has suspended its stock of the console and will no longer be selling the Wii U or Wii U video games in its supermarkets.

All facets of the Wii U look set to be removed from the retail chain including the consoles, games and peripherals nationwide. This comes not long after news broke that Asda would not stock the Wii U’s exclusive (and one of the biggest game releases on the console so far), Pikmin 3, last week.

The news is coming courtesy of CVG who have reportedly spoken to Asda about the Wii U drop, where in a statement Asda confirmed;

“Asda continues to offer customers a selection of Wii U games and accessories through Asda Direct, but these ranges are currently not on offer in Asda shops”

The store slashed the price of both Wii U console bundles twice, resulting in the most recent price offering a saving of £100 on the RRP. Apparently this wasn’t enough to shift units however, which is why it’s now being pulled from sale.

This is going to be a biot of a blow for Nintendo as Asda are one of the leading UK retaillers with over 550 nationwide stores (most of which are massive megastores) that offer a one stop place for Food, Home and entertainment for the public.

No reasons have been given by Asda (or Best Buy) as to the drop but the simplest explanaition could be the Wii U’s poor sales since its release last year. The console has seen a few price drops at Asda specifically since its debut but it appears that the shelf space in Asda is just too valuable vs the sale of the Wii U.

Nintendo fans can still get Nintendo 3DS Consoles and Games from stores and would continue to support that console.

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