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Apple’s plastic iPhone 5C pictured again, this time in lime green

White, red and now green. Apple’s iPhone 5C is looking set to come in a wide range of colours, with a number of these already pictured and posted online thanks to a couple of sources.

Ex-9to5mac write Sonny Dickson has posted a number of pictures of another iPhone 5C shell, this time in a rather nice lime green. This is the same guy who last year posted the casing of the iPad Mini before its release, and earlier this month showed off the white iPhone 5C shell. We’ve no idea where Dickson is getting these pre-release Apple components from, but from the detail they certainly appear to be the real deal.

There’s little new information which we can garner from these snaps, other than Apple’s plans to release the device in a range of colours. It looks likely that the colour range will mimic that of the current iPod Touch, with blue, yellow and of course black also expected.

Previously known as the ‘cheap iPhone’, ‘budget iPhone’ and ‘plastic iPhone’, the name iPhone 5C recently surfaced and stuck. Recently Macotakara claimed that the name had been decided upon by Apple, alongside the iPhone 5S, which is expected to launch on September 10th.

With the number of case leaks mounting, we’re beginning to wonder which link in Apple’s supply chain is due a rather angry call from Mr Tim Cook. Hopefully we’ll see some pictures with the screen and internal components also included soon.

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