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Apple’s iPhone 5S to be revealed on September 10th

Apple will debut the next iPhone on September 10th, according to AllThingsD.

The publication, which has strong ties to Apple going back a long way, recently reported that an event was already planned for the date next month. Previously they’ve accurately predicted other Apple device launch dates, so we’re inclined to go with this one.

The phone due to be shown off on September 10th is the iPhone 5S, by all accounts. Apple has been working on upgrading the internals of the iPhone 5 and will launch a phone which looks almost identical on the outside but contains more power and other refinements on the inside.

Upgrades are thought to come in the form of a faster processor with even more grunt in the graphics department, faster RAM and a tweaked rear camera which will offer better performance in low light. Our favourite rumour so far as to be the home button fingerprint sensor, which has been hinted at in the coding for a beta version of iOS 7 – we’re certainly hoping this becomes a reality.

The new iPhone will launch with iOS 7 and will signal the launch of Apple’s biggest change in iOS for those with older devices. iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches will all be lined up for the upgrade, which brings in lots of new features and a big change in design.

Apple is also thought to have a more affordable iPhone ready for release in the form of the iPhone 5C. With the same 4-inch display but a plastic outer shell, the device is thought to be a rival for the mid-range Android market, however AllThingsD didn’t confirm whether this model would launch on September 10th also.

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