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Apple wins injunction against Samsung in Germany, Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets pulled

In what appears to be quite a bitter legal battle between Apple and Samsung,  another round has gone in favour of Apple as the Cupertino company have won a second preliminary injunction against Samsung in Germany – this means that the German courts have banned the sale and promotion of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the country.

A couple of days back, Samsung officially unveiled the new Tablet device at the IFA in Berlin; it had a sticker on the back though stating that the device would not be offered for sale in Germany. Then, the next day the device had completely disappeared and it would seem like the tablet never existed. It has now become apparent though that Samsung were simply following the court orders and not promoting the device anymore at the show.

According to reports, Samsung are currently looking at all available options, which include taking their own legal action to defend the company’s intellectual property rights in a bid hopefully to reinstate the sale of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7.

As it stands at the moment though, if you’re wanting to buy a Tablet device in Germany, it looks like it will have to be either the iPad or perhaps one of the other Android Tablet devices from one of Samsung’s competitors.

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