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Apple to make a new wearable iPod?

Love the iPod Nano wrist watch cases but wish that concept went a little bit further? Good news: According to New York Times columnist and author Nick Bilton, sources close to Apple have revealed that the company is set to release a curved, wearable iPod in the near future.

Bilton references a source who knows all about Apple’s future plans, who reveals that a very small sub sect of Apple employees have been looking into the possibilty of making a miniature iPod with curved glass, which can be worn on the wrist.


The idea would be that music would be pumped through wireless headphones, while the device could be navigated either via touch or use of Apple’s Siri voice assistant. It’s certainly an intriguing premise, and if there’s one company with enough experience to get it off the ground, it’s Apple.


When the tremendously successful current generation of the iPod Nano launched, Apple added a slew of different clock faces to the operating system, to try and get it into customers’ heads that they want people to use the Nano as a watch-like device.


If this ethos sinks in, it’ll come as no surprise when Apple then does launch an iPod designed to be worn, rather than pocketed. With all eyes on the next generation of the iPhone and iPad, the iPod will need to do something to stand out once again. Could this dramatic move be the way forward? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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