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New Apple TV to Launch Alongside iPad 3 on March 7th

Apple will launch a new version of Apple TV next Wednesday alongside the eagerly anticipated iPad 3, but it’s not going to be the mythical Apple HDTV, or ‘iTV’, as many had hoped.

Instead, Apple will launch a third version of its Apple TV streaming box, which will feature a faster processor, which may finally pave the way for Full HD 1080p video streaming from iTunes and various other web portals. The device may also include a redesigned remote and even Siri voice control, though both we and the source are sceptical about the latter.

9to5mac quotes its reliable sources, who of course are ‘familiar with the matter’, confirming that Apple will launch a new Apple TV – model number MD199LL/A – J33 – alongside three main variations of iPad 3 – a Wi-Fi only model, and two other 3G capable devices which could be HSPA+ and CDMA, or even a 4G LTE model.

The popular Apple blog has been bang on before with its predictions, and usually when we get this close to an Apple product announcement, it gets hold of model numbers which turn out to be correct.

Releasing an upgraded Apple TV alongside the new iPad makes perfect sense – if the iPad has Retina Display, Apple will want that high quality continued for customers who may want to mirror it onto a HDTV using Apple TV. Video streaming on the second iteration of the Apple TV is capped at 720p; something many have begged to be improved upon since the device’s inception.

As for the presumed star of the show – the iPad 3, 2S or even iPad HD – will certainly be available in both black and white, which has also been confirmed by the same source for 9to5mac. Unfortunately the site was unable to ascertain which storage sizes the tablet would come in, though we expect 16, 32 and 64GB models to arrive, continuing the trend. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, it announced a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 to further penetrate the pay as you go market. We have a feeling it will do the same on Wednesday, announcing an 8GB iPad 2 to cost around £350.

What would you like to see Apple announce next Wednesday?

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Source: 9to5mac

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