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Apple set to launch new MacBooks at this month’s WWDC event

With Apple’s annual WWDC event just around the corner we’ve already started to wonder what the Cupertino company might have up its sleeve – iOS 7, OS X 10.9 and others seem certain to be introduced, but what about hardware?

Whilst WWDC is all about the software and the developers that help Apple provide so many apps for iOS and Mac, Apple also likes to introduce new hardware to spice things up a bit. Last year the company launched new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models as well as the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The biggest clue that suggests new MacBooks is Intel’s brand new Haswell processors. Apple solely uses Intel chips in its MacBooks and likes to use the latest chips each year, so we can expect new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models to feature Haswell chips at the very least. Haswell chips promise a better battery life and performance for the laptops they get put in, which will be something Apple wants to boast about in its products.


Right on time, 9to5mac has dug up some SKUs which link to Apple’s supposed new line-up of MacBooks. This sort of thing tends to happen a week or so ahead of most Apple events, and the site is usually bang on with its leaks. New SKUs suggest updated MacBook Air and Pro models being on the way.

Stock slipping

Apple resellers around the world have noted that stock of certain MacBook Air models has been dropping, with Apple seemingly tightening up on numbers of current models being shipped to retailers. This sort of thing usually happens when the company is close to launching new models, and with the company updating its MacBook Air models mid-way through the year for the last two years in a row, we reckon it’s pretty much a cert that new models are on the way.

We’ll find out what Apple has in store for certain on June 10th, when WWDC kicks off in San Francisco.

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