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Apple reveals impressive iPad, iTunes and MacBook stats before iPhone 5 announcement

Well it has finally happened; Apple has announced its latest iPhone 5 smartphone along with a few cool new additions to the iPod range of media plays in the form of the 5th Gen iPod Touch and the 7th Gen iPod Nano, but in the midst of all the big announcements Apple took time to boast about some of their figures.

Yes, Apple decided it was great time to reveal some of their impressive stats on how much the company has grown over the past few years. Apple CEO Tim Cook firstly talked about its Apple Stores, where he announced the company now has 380 total retail locations in 13 countries, and those collectively have served 83 million people in 2011 alone.

Whilst the event itself was bereft of any iPad news the company did announce that they had shipped 17 million iPads in the last quarter (that’s April/May/June 2012) and a huge 84 million iPads sold in total since the tablet’s first release.

That figure means that Apple still has a huge 62% slice of the total tablet market with its iPad range, which is a slight fall on the 68% that was announced back at the start of August. This leaves 38% of all other tablet sales to be fought out between the likes of Samsung, Google and Sony.

With Apple also announcing a new iTunes store update that will be coming in October, Cook stated that they now have a total of 700,000 apps available, 250,000 of which are now optimised for the iPad.

And finally, Cook stated that the newest Apple Mac OS update, OS X Mountain Lion, has been installed 7 million times across all desktop and notebook computers with the sale of the MacBook Air also booming, making the Air the #1 notebook with a 27% market share.

All impressive figures, but with increasing competition for Apple in all areas coming in the next year it will certainly be an interesting time for the Cupertino based company in 2012/13.

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