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Apple reveals new 7th Generation range of iPod Nano media players

Apple’s website gave away clues to a seventh generation iPod Nano earlier, and now that brand spanking new media player is official.

The new design is completely different to the last model, and goes back to the 5th generation long and thin shape. It’s mostly touchscreen on the front with the classic home button below, which makes it look like a tiny iPhone.

The software is not iOS from the iPhone and iPod Touch, but looks very similar. Applications including music, video, radio and even Nike Fitness are on board, and can be operated through the 2.5-inch touchscreen. Volume buttons are located on the left edge of the device, which barely fit on as the whole thing is just 5.4mm thick!

There’s an FM tuner built in for radio and a pedometer inside too, for tracking your steps on the daily commute.

Bluetooth is also included so you can stream music to speakers and wireless headphones. We very much doubt that you’ll be able to transfer music and files using Bluetooth in the new Nano though.

The recently leaked ‘EarPod’ headphones rumoured to be Apple’s revamped design are now official, and will be boxed with the new iPod Nano.

Seven different colour variations will be available in true iPod Nano style, ranging from black to pink to yellow. The new Nano will be available in October, in a 16GB size only, for £129.

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