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Apple release Snow Leopard update for better OS X Lion transition

If you’re planning on evolving your Snow Leopard into a Lion, Apple are now offering a supplemental update to its previous OS in order to make that transition a little bit simpler.

Mac OS X Lion was launched last week and users attempting to switch between the big cat platforms are reportedly experiencing a few difficulties in sending existing data and settings across to the new Apple operating system. Apple have addressed those issues by making available a fix which will update Snow Leopard 10.6.8 just enough to sort this out for you. Problem solved.

Apple also recommend that even if your aren’t ready to upgrade just yet, it’s well advised to grab the update version 1.1 anyway, as it fixes a few bugs you may be experiencing with Snow Leopard, such as printer network and audio visual output issues.

The update is available now by visiting the Apple Support website and selecting “Downloads”.

Did you know that Mac OS X Lion sold 1-million copies in just 24-hours!

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