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Apple Manufacturing Partner Claims No iPhone 5 Until September

Pushing the alleged summer launch of an iPhone 5 back a few months, the news just in and originating from a manufacturer behind some of the Apple gadget’s components would suggest that we’re now looking at a launch much later in the year, around September time – a year after minor upgrades, including voice assistant Siri, were presented in the form of the iPhone 4S.

Apple look set to give the iPhone 4 upgrade a bit of a chance to prove itself before making it obsolete and a Japanese tech blog reveals that this manufacturer claims (via translation) that “the next iPhone, seems to be around before and after 1 year to 10 September announced 4S iPhone, and this cycle seems to continue for a while… the next iPhone will be released in September or October, and this cycle seems to be kept for years.”  

We have been led to believe that production of the iPhone 5 is well underway with an official announcement due much sooner, but this report would suggest that Apple are taking their time. Perhaps with a view to pace their product launches, with a full range refresh expected to hit all gadgets over the next couple of years and both the next iPhone and iPad expected in 2012 alone (the iPad alleged for a post-MWC event in early March).

Rumours surrounding the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 include the gadget coming with a completely refreshed appearance, this is said to look nothing like previous model iPhones and will reset the mould, featuring a larger 4” display. An NFC payment system and 4G support are spoken of, as is word of a quad-core CPU running the show.

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