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NEW Apple MacBook Air 2014 comes with speed boost and a price reduction

Apple has released 2014 versions of the MacBook Air range; the new and improved range has seen a speed boost and a reduction in price.

These are only the slightest of improvements to the 2014 MacBook Airs’ features, with the CPU seeing an increase from 1.3GHz to the dizzy heights of 1.4GHz with the new Core i5 Haswell chipset. The main draw will be the £100 decrease in the asking price, which considering the high price point of Macs comes as a big surprise.

This change applies to the entire MacBook Air range, from the 11-inch 128GB model right up to the 256GB 13-inch version, the i5 Haswell chipset can be Turbo Boosted up to 2.7GHz compared to the 2.6GHz capability of the previous models.

The rest is much the same as the 2013 range, the 2014 MacBook Air range still comes with Intel HD 5000 graphics and 4GB of RAM all packaged in the same brushed aluminium case. Combine this with the price decrease though and the lack of changes aren’t such a disappointment.

Prices will run you anywhere from £749 for the smallest model right up to the top of the range at £999, all with a saving of £100 off their predecessors.

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A lot of people were hoping to see a Retina display finally make its way onto the MacBook Air, probably fuelled by the rumours that this would be the case, although there are still hints that the company intends to make a few more changes and have another release at some point, How much truth is behind this is yet to be seen.

Pick up your 2014 edition now at Apple high street stores and online retailers.

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