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Apple Launches New Mac and Genius Focused Adverts

Apple has launched a new line of Apple Mac promoting adverts with the new face of Apple being a hapless Apple Genius store worker saving the day in many ridiculous Mac-based situations.

So Apple are heavily advertising in its store support as well as functionality of its MacBook devices all in one advert space, plus they are promoting the Apple brand of customer support.

In the past Apple has found success with its Apple vs PC format of promotion, with TV and Movie star Justin Long being the spokesperson for the hip and cool Mac computers and basically insinuating that PC users were boring and uncool.

Last week Apple released the latest version of its Mac OS in the form of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion so are keen to promote the Mac services in more advertising.

The biggest difference is this advert, however, is that Apple is promoting not only their products and just what you can do, but also the after purchase support the company offers with its Apple “Geniuses”.

The now familiar blue shirt of Apple is becoming just as synonymous as the Apple logo, and its something the company is keen on promoting.

Additionally there is the usual Apple (some would say smug) humour and a few guest star cameos including Frank Azaria, the man behind many voices of the Simpsons plus films such as the Birdcage and Night at the Museum.

You can check out the videos below:



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