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New Apple iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch to be announced September 12th?

With Apple’s press event on the 12th of September just a few days away, more and more speculation is arriving about what will be announced. The main focus for the event is said to be the new iPhone 5 devices that has been long rumoured, but many are also expecting a new linkup of Apple iPod media players to show up at the event too.

Apple mad website 9to5Mac has reported that possible new iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch ranges of media devices are set to come along with the big iPhone 5 announcements and some of the information seems to be adding up.

The first of the line-up will be a new iPod Shuffle, which according to sources, will probably just be a generic update on the current square range with a higher memory capacity and an updated colour palette. The Shuffle is also rumoured to be priced at a budget $49, which means it could be sub-£30 in the UK.

Next up is an updated iPod Nano which may be receiving a full design overhaul and the most up to date tech specs. The new Nano is rumoured to come with Wi-Fi functionality plus a larger memory capacity which could mean 32GB, plus a new longer design (akin to the Nano 5th generation) which will possibly bring the model in-line with the Apple iPod Touch range.

Speaking of the iPod Touch, the device is normally treated as a little brother to the Apple iPhone range of smartphones where it shares the same design and features minus the mobile phone capabilities such as GPRS.

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple is looking to release 3 iPod Touch devices, two of which will have the new iPhone 5 style design and the third will be a budget version based on the 2010 4th generation casing, possibly with the smallest memory capacity.

We can expect the rumoured smaller dock connector on all three of the new iPod Touch devices, with the entry-level iPod Touch receiving a few updates to the specs. The new top end iPod Touches however will feature the new iOS 6 software, 32GB and 64GB capacities, and many of the rumoured iPhone 5’s features such as Retina Display, Cloud Storage and the new Passbook feature.

Additionally it is rumoured that the iPod Touch devices will for the first time be available in multiple colour options (outside of white and black), and that the two high end devices will come in at $299 and $399.

But as per usual this is all just rumour and speculation, and hopefully all will be revealed at the Apple event on Wednesday.

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