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Apple iPhone ‘Lite’ coming in two versions? Codenames ‘Zenvo’ and ‘Zagato’ Surface

Could there be two versions of the future budget range Apple iPhone? After leaked snaps recently surfaced revealing what is believed to be the colourful casing for the affordable handset rumours have been going into overload and a number of sources today offer up another – suggesting that perhaps not one but two models might become available later in the year.

Expected to come around the same time as the iPhone 5S, the ‘iPhone Lite’ as it is becoming commonly known has been spotted in official info with two separate codenames – Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone. The specs of the two codenames seem to suggest that the Apple iPhone Lite be available in two price brackets with the cheaper Zenvo featuring respectable H5P dual-core processor and higher tier budget model Zagato/Betone coming with an improved H6P processor and both with LTE/4G connectivity.

This latest leak is the subject of much eyebrow-raising and like all other rumours surrounding the budget iPhone should be taken with a pinch of salt at present. Apple has made nothing official about the gadget’s existence and frankly cheap (as in slightly crappy) looking shells have not yet been claimed as Apple-made.

We wait on tenterhooks to bring you something legit and as October fast approaches Apple is expected to be announcing a couple of large events which could mean iPhone 5S and iPhone Lite.

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