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Apple pose as police in lost iPhone 5 hunt – or not?

The saga of the missing iPhone 5 continues, with a couple of frankly bizarre twists!

A week ago reports emerged that a stumbling staffer for Apple’s engineering team left an early-stages iPhone 5 in bar Cava 22, San Francisco. The bar was later called repeatedly by a man desperately trying to retrieve his lost iPhone.

Apparently an eagle-eyed Apple aficionado, of course, identified a ‘run-of-the-mill’ iPhone 4 from a brand new prototype and presumably grabbed the gadget and scarpered with a very lucrative bounty in hand.

Police supposedly got involved, searching a house in Bernal Heights where the iPhone’s signal was traced to using GPS. But coming up empty handed, the search continued. Now all may not be as it appeared, as reports claimed that there are no police records of this raid and that Apple itself was behind an unauthorized search of the property – posing as the law!

The man whose home was raided by last week has now made the very serious claim that the faux-po who paid him a visit, were actually Apple security personnel desperate to retrieve their missing prototype handset.

However, the story changes again as SF Weekly reports: “Contradicting past statements that no records exist of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells SF Weekly that “three or four” SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of a Bernal Heights man’s home.”

So, all’s as it appeared? Or do Apple now own the law? It would seem that way after all the gadget bans they have enforced on rival companies – most notibly Samsung.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it unfolds – as it’s actually pretty amusing!

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Source: SFWeekly

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