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Apple iPhone 6 Leaks Send Rumour Mill Into Overdrive

The rumour mill has been sent into overdrive with the much anticipated iPhone 6. The design has been greatly speculated and people are excited to see the proposed design overhaul. However a new set of leaked pictures from Weibo, have now put speculations on hold as it all becomes more genuine.

The pictures include the moulds that would be used to manufacture the chassis, and the supposed (very) technical diagrams. They feature two different size models; one with a 4.7 inch screen and the other a larger 5.5 inch screen.

The manufacturer, Foxconn, is already alleged to have received a significant order for the iPhone 6, so it’s likely these chassis pictures are from the factory; although they could also be a decoy to deter us from the real magic! Recent reports are suggesting that there could be some manufacturing obstacles that could cause the launch of the different sized devices to be some months apart. The smaller 4.7 inch model is said to go into production in May and the larger 5.5 inch model, sometime in September.

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the arrival of a larger screened handset, but are very mindful of the demand for such devices.  As sales would suggest, larger screened phones are becoming ever more popular. With Samsung being Apple’s main competition, they are conscious that Samsung provides products Apple doesn’t – such as the sought after bigger screened handsets.

So if Apple were to make an out of the ordinary big screen beauty, it would definitely throw a spanner in the works for the market leaders, not to mention opening up a world of possibilities for Apple. This in mind, speculation could be correct about them potentially producing the sought after big-screen. It would at least be a smart move by Apple.

No doubt there will be even more rumours and speculations thrown into the pot the nearer we get to the release, but for now we will have to make do with the idea of two different sizes phones, their moulds and technical schematics. Like mother always said, patience is a virtue!

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